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Brighter Brightest

Brighter Brightest


Right For Me is the debut full-length album from Toronto, Ontario’s Brighter Brightest, and the title alone should tell you everything you need to know about the band. Having played together since they picked up instruments, Brighter Brightest have been forging their own path ever since.

Derek Hoffman (vocals, guitar), Alex Westgate (bass, vocals), Kyle Topping (guitar) and Ryan Mansbridge (drums) are childhood friends who found mutual interest and common purpose in music. Together, they have crafted a timeless, yet relevant take on pop/rock rooted in the punk rock scene. The sound has matured along with the members, and has developed into something honest that appeals to an audience beyond their traditional Warped Tour crowd.

“Our relationship with one another is really that of four brothers as opposed to band-mates or friends,” says Hoffman. “We all share the same struggles and triumphs and even though we are all so busy outside of the band, every time we come together we can pick right back up where we left off.”

It is this sense of camaraderie that allows the band to push forward in creating their own opportunities. In the summer of 2010, the band agreed that their next step needed to be a strong full-length record, preferably produced by someone with experience and notoriety. Together, the band pooled the resources to lock in renowned New Jersey based producer Machine, whose previous credits include a broad range of successful artists – from Every Time I Die to Gym Class Heroes, Four Year Strong to Lamb of God – his trademark is taking a band’s own sound and helping them cultivate it. It was this unique approach that appealed to Brighter Brightest. In November of 2010, the band traveled to New Jersey to begin tracking Right For Me. The four band members, and two of their best friends crammed into a single hotel room at the Howard Johnson in Weehawken, spending their days at the Machineshop, and emerged with something they are extremely proud of.

“Going to New Jersey was definitely an amazing experience.” Hoffman remarked. “As the record came together to be what it is now, it was a pretty great feeling.”

Throughout the process of writing and recording the album, the band was followed by a camera crew from the new MuchMusic program “Discovered” (premieres August 16th at 10PM EST). Over the 6 months or so of shooting, the band discussed the challenges, the triumphs and the adversities they faced as friends and as a band throughout the process of making Right For Me. The documentary style show captured the band in their basement jam-space in Aurora writing, rehearsing and fine-tuning the tracks, then followed them to New Jersey for an intimate look at how the record came together in-studio.

With the album completed, the most rewarding feeling for the band is that they have been able to do it all their way, on their own terms. That’s the theme of the album’s title track, which not coincidentally happens to be the bands favourite song from the record.

“Right For Me is about doing what you love and what is right for you, regardless of what others think.” Hoffman explains. “Live your life for yourself, do what you love and love what you do.”

That is a message that they convey to their fans as often as possible, and try to remind themselves of regularly as well.

“As a band, we aren't trying to be anything other than ourselves. We make music that we love and we love sharing it with people. We make music the only way we know how – honestly.”

With their video for the lead single, “Everyday” having seen heavy rotation, MuchMusic’s Discovered program finished and a new video for the song “Right For Me”, the hard work continues for the band. Catch them on the road across Canada this Spring, supporting Right For Me.


Right For Me
Brighter Brightest Right For Me August 2011




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