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David Usher

David Usher


David Usher is a creative tour de force. With his band Moist and as a solo artist he has sold more than to 1.4 million albums and won four Juno awards. David has had ten different songs reach #1 on Canadian radio and worldwide hits that have topped the charts across Europe and Asia.

In 2011, his first French language single, Je repars, was #1 for eight weeks. Constantly pushing his boundaries with art, language and communication (David’s also been known to record Thai versions of his music), he is equally passionate about using technology to build new and interesting businesses.

From real-time social media aggregation software that’s currently being used by the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames to his company, Cloudid Creativity Labs that brings together artists, programmers, physical hackers and designers to collaborate and develop new projects. At the request of Amnesty International, Cloudid created and now operates, a platform that enables Amnesty International to leverage the social reach of supportive artists.

David speaks to organizations (both large and small) about the power of creativity by providing his formula to make businesses more creative. When time permits, he also writes a column on creativity and the creative process for the Huffington Post.

David has a long history of working to further the cause of human rights around the world. He is the founding director of Amnesty International’s and has also travelled with WarChild to the refugee camps of Burma to film a documentary on children affected by war. He is also an active supporter of Tree Canada, Fashion Cares and the David Suzuki Foundation.

David has a degree in political science from Simon Fraser University and has lived and traveled all over the world. When he’s not on the road he can be found in front of a computer dreaming up something new to create. David’s latest album Songs From The Last Day On Earth was released on October 2nd, 2012.

Songs from the Last Day on Earth is David Usher’s 8th solo album.

“They often ask people who are at the end of their lives about things they would have done differently” says David, “ They always talk about the simple things and the relationships in their lives that have mattered. This album is much more of a metaphor about how you’d distill your life to a few simple moments.”

“It’s about my friends, myself and my family and our lives here in Montreal. We do this thing where we go out in the middle of the night and we will ride our bicycles through the city, and there may be a little bit of wine involved, and we ride through the night, and there is that incredible feeling that you get on a summer night in Montreal doing that. All sorts of memories come rushing back from your life, from your childhood. Love, loss, regret, flashes of feelings and memories.”

Songs From The Last Day On Earth reunites Usher with longtime collaborator and co-producer Jonathan Gallivan who was at the helm of his last record, The Mile End Sessions which included David’s first #1 french radio hit with Je repars (2011). The touring in support of that stripped down album of acoustically reinterpreted songs served as Usher’s organic starting point for writing new material. “With this record, I wanted it to be an extension of that, so it was built on an acoustic foundation but then layered bit by bit to be much more dynamic and it will definitely be presented with the full band on stage.”

That dynamic quality comes together in the richness of songs like See the Stars, Lonely People and Operator. The second track on the album Rice Paper / Partir ailleur with the French adaptation by Gaële, is the first single being serviced to radio. A choice made all the more interesting by it’s compelling chorus written without words. The video for the song was shot by the award winning Quebec short film director Arnaud Brisebois.

Songs From The Last Day On Earth was released Oct. 2nd, 2012.


Songs From the Last Day on Earth
David Usher Songs From the Last Day on Earth October 2012
The Mile End Sessions
David Usher The Mile End Sessions September 2010
Wake Up and Say Goodbye
David Usher Wake Up and Say Goodbye September 2008



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