Now for the first time, in this career retrospective which also features world premiere tracks, the music of Jovanotti, whom his countrymen hail as “the poet of our time”- is available in America. Jovanotti will be moving to New York City in September and touring large theaters and festivals across the U.S. throughout the fall and winter.

Rather than a greatest hits collection, album producer Ian Brennan compiled and remixed what he considers Jovanotti’s most compelling material — the songs that exemplify the latter’s reputation as a Springsteen-style rock poet and a distinctive singer.

The producer Brennan is a longtime Jovanotti fan who won a GRAMMY earlier this year for Tinariwen’s Tassili (Anti-) and recently produced the debut of Rain Machine, the solo project of Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio).


Italia: 1988-2012
Jovanotti Italia: 1988-2012 August 2012




"Trident Management Ltd. - Marco Sorrentino

Tour Dates

Jun 20 / Ancona, Italy
@ Stadio Del Conero

Jun 25 / Milan, Italy
@ San Siro

Jun 26 / Milan, Italy
@ San Siro

Jun 27 / Milan, Italy
@ Stadio San Siro

Jun 30 / Padua, Italy
@ Stadio Euganeo

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