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Mas Ysa

Mas Ysa


Mas Ysa, is the solo music project of Thomas Arsenault.

A restless spirit, Arsenault developed his craft in the Sao Paulo rave scene, and by working with avant garde artists in Ohio and San Francisco before landing in Brooklyn in 2012. There, he created Mas Ysa and established a reputation as an intensely cathartic composer and live performer. This resulted in invitations to support the likes of Purity RingRZA and Deerhunter, as well as producing albums for Cass McCombs and Laurel Halo in his loft studio.

At the start of 2013, Mas Ysa relocated to Woodstock where he began recording himself in earnest. His first EP, Worth, encompasses bangers, ballads and textured experimental arcs. The Best New Track'd "Why," a futuristic arms-to-the-sky "Thunder Road," is the first taste of the record, set to be released Feb. 4, 2014. Worth also brings Arsenault's talents as a singer-songwriter to the forefront on "Years" and "Life Way Up From" -- both haunting, glacial odes to fear, loss, and life on the run.


Mas Ysa Seraph July 2015
Worth EP
Mas Ysa Worth EP February 2014




The Social Registry - Rich Zerbo


The Windish Agency - Sam Hunt


Motormouth Media - Judy Silverman

Tour Dates

Oct 01 / Flushing, NY
@ Citi Field

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