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Jordan’s Favourite Albums of 2013

Week two of staff Best Of 2013 lists is almost over! To spice things up I thought I’d pit Andy’s rock-centric list against the top 10 from Jordan Howard, our National Accounts Manager at MapleMusic Recordings & Fontana North. Which (mostly) guitar based list best matches your own favourites?

10. The Front Bottoms – The Talon Of     9. From Indian Lakes – Able Bodies         8. Pup – PUP                                                                                                 The Hawk
JH front bottomsJH Able BodiesJH pup
7. The Mark Inside – Dark Hearts Can    6. The Glorious Sons – Shapeless Art     5. Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart                                                  Radiate White Light
JH the mark insideJH glorious sonsJH frank turner
4. Xambassadors – Love Songs              3. Poor Young Things – The Heart The   2. Northcote – Northcote                                                                      Drug Songs                                                           Head The End
JH X-Ambassadors-Love-Songs-Drug-SongsJH Poor-Young-Album-ArtJM Northcote

1.    Dave Hause – Devour

Since my friends, family and Girlfriend will no longer allow me to play any Loved Ones records due to SEVERE over enjoyment on my part, I had to turn to Dave’s solo stuff to get my fix. Dave’s first  solo album (Resolutions, 2011) gave me hope that the music that I loved in my early 20’s could still be relevant to me in my late 20’s (early 30’s cough, cough) and  Devour took that a step further. It took a little longer to grow on me than Resolutions did but nonetheless still ended up as the most played album in my iTunes this year. It’s just a ridiculous record and if you have never seen him live, I promise you that you have never seen a single person command a room like he can.

JH dave hause


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