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MapleMusic Recordings Welcomes Language Arts Into The Fold With The February Release Of ‘Wonderkind’

Language arts

Playing Pop Montreal At 8:00PM, On September 27th At O Patro Vys

MapleMusic Recordings is thrilled to announce that Language Arts has joined the family with the upcoming February 2014 release of ‘Wonderkind.’

Kristen Cudmore (aka the architect and backbone of Language Arts) has combined indie-pop, 90’s female-fronted rap, and prog-rock elements to form the sophomore album ‘Wonderkind.’  The result is a record that is astonishingly unique and unclassifiable.  Forward-thinking fans of everything from Beck, to Stereolab, to Laura Nyro will have much to rejoice.

A large part of the inspiration for the album came from a  very chaotic time in Cudmore’s life – which included heartbreak, confusion and an epic move from Vancouver to Toronto.  The painstakingly personal forces that are weaved throughout the songs took another tragic turn during the recording process.  It was then that she endured the passing of two close friends; one of whom was a musical mentor.  It is a credit to Cudmore’s strengths as a writer that she also retains the bookish and playful spirit that informed her earlier work.

Musically, Cudmore covers an astonishing range, taking advantage of Darryl Neudorf’s (Neko Case, Blue Rodeo) recording acumen, and the musicianship of some heavy hitters from Toronto’s music community, including Neil MacIntosh (Ashley MacIsaac), Joel Visentin, Joseph Ernewein (Del Bel), Randy Lee (The Bicycles, Lily Frost), Alex McMaster (Lily Frost, Classic Albums Live) and Vancouver-based, JP Carter (Destroyer, Dan Mangan). Guitars, strings, synths and percussion all peel off through strange but oddly compelling sonic structures.  Veering between the epic and the obtuse, Cudmore conjures moments you haven’t quite heard from her before.

Language Arts Wonderkind Cover

‘Wonderkind’ Tracklisting
1. More Than Amazing
2. 5 W’s
3. Wonderkind
4. What If It Were To Be Reworked
5. Oh Tangible World
6. Hot Air Balloon
7. Illusion
8. Old Familiar
9. Building A Mountain With Our Bare Hands
10. When I Leave This Town

Language Arts’ Current Line-Up:
Kristen Cudmore (Guitars, Vocals)
Neil MacIntosh (Drums, Vocals)
Joel Visentin (Keys, Vocals)
Soren Nissen (Bass, Vocals)


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