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Rival Boys Release “Lives Of Plants And Animals” Video Ahead of 2014’s ‘animal instincts’

Giving a taste of their upcoming sophomore album ‘animal instincts,’ Toronto-based trio Rival Boys has released a trippy video for the high-energy track“Lives Of Plants And Animals.”

Rival Boys features the sister/brother pairing of Lee and Graeme Rose who are backed up by the propulsive drumming of Sam Sholdice who also made the video.  With a unique blend of harmonized vocals, violins, guitar, and bass – the band consistently provides stripped-down exciting rock with a punch.  Not to mention the impressive multi-tasking on stage from vocalist/bassist Lee Rose who has become a triple threat with her incorporation of the electric violin to their performances.

‘animal instincts’ was produced by the band with renowned engineer Joe Dunphy at Toronto’s own Revolution Recording Studios. Rival Boys also plan on recording a live-off-the-floor EP this February as a further teaser for the full album due out in spring 2014 on tinyrecords/MapleMusic Recordings.

Upcoming Shows:
January 16 – Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON 


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