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Milk Famous

White Rabbits

Milk Famous

Released: March, 6th 2012

Some bands really do ripen nicely with time, and New York’s White Rabbits are a prime example. They’ve always had a certain confidence and coolness, and each release shows a new level of maturity and depth. The sextet features two drummers, two guitarists, and a brilliant balance of piano, synths, and acoustic and electric guitars, making the bed upon which singer Stephen Patterson lays his hugely appealing vocals. The slinky, sneaky electro-groove of the album opener, “Heavy Metal,” segues perfectly into "It’s Not Me,” which has the feel of The Beatles’ Revolver. Next is the grand synth and piano drama of “Hold It to the Fire.” The sleek and sophisticated vibe of “Danny Come Inside” and “Back for More” has a cinematic quality (the Rabbits could perhaps sell shiny black BMWs cruising a cliff-hugging Pacific Coast highway with these tunes). “The Day You Won the War” gives a veiled nod to Prince, with desire-wrapped vocals and whip-cracking rhythms. Anyone willing to trade in obvious hooks for deeper-reaching, multitextured pop with a certain level of braininess will love Milk Famous.

  1. Heavy Metal - 4:27
  2. I'm Not Me - 3:37
  3. Hold It to the Fire - 3:41
  4. Everyone Can't Be Confused - 3:01
  5. Temporary - 3:40
  6. Are You Free - 3:14
  7. It's Frightening - 2:51
  8. Danny Come Inside - 4:21
  9. Back for More - 4:05
  10. The Day You Won the War - 3:20
  11. I Had It Coming - 4:08

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