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Old World Romance

Sea Wolf

Old World Romance

Released: September, 11th 2012

Unlike on his 2009 sophomore outing, White Water, White Bloom, Los Angeles tunesmith Alex Church (a.k.a. Sea Wolf) chose not to work with a full band here. Old World Romance still plays with the accompaniment of a full band, but this time around the multi-instrumentalist Church is that band. He builds a slow groove from minimal drum machine programming in the opening cut, “Old Friend.” Over this, Church creates a handsome ambiance by overlapping fingerpicked acoustic six-string and dreampop-style electric guitar before layering his fetching tenor harmonies above the music. Even within the metronomic rhythms, Church exercises a noticeable restraint, which builds a suspenseful tension here and throughout Old World Romance. The outstanding follower, “In Nothing,” plays a little like a one-man-band version of The Smiths, but with Church singing less like Morrissey and more like Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch. He somehow makes melancholy sound upbeat in “Changing Seasons” before closing with the beautifully brooding “Whirlpool.”

  1. Old Friend - 3:57
  2. In Nothing - 3:04
  3. Priscilla - 3:53
  4. Kasper - 3:35
  5. Blue Stockings - 3:10
  6. Saint Catherine St. - 3:48
  7. Changing Seasons - 3:50
  8. Dear Fellow Traveler - 3:41
  9. Miracle Cure - 4:14
  10. Whirlpool - 3:52

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