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The King of Limbs


The King of Limbs

Released: March, 29th 2011

As the most beloved art-rock band in the world, Radiohead are always looking for ways to warp their sound beyond the breaking point. Here, singer Thom Yorke is still in the mode of his solo album, The Eraser. As he sings in a beautifully stationary position, the group works around him, beginning slightly ahead of him with “Bloom,” a repetitive tone poem whose two piano notes play like a warning siren as the band finds new landscapes to paint. What constitutes the first “side” of this album is agitated and striking, a push and pull of subtle and overt proportions. “Morning Mr. Magpie” works out a measured funk and “Feral” dances around itself. “Side Two” begins the slowdown. “Lotus Flower” still has a few galvanizing moments, but “Codex” is a piano ballad of pure, tranquil bliss. “Give Up the Ghost” is a haunted, funhouse mirror version of the blues. “Separator” is a perfect ending, a piece of swelling pop where Yorke and group work together in peculiar harmony.

  1. Bloom - 5:15
  2. Morning Mr Magpie - 4:41
  3. Little by Little - 4:27
  4. Feral - 3:13
  5. Lotus Flower - 5:01
  6. Codex - 4:47
  7. Give Up the Ghost - 4:50
  8. Separator - 5:20

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