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Tkol Rmx 1234567


Tkol Rmx 1234567

Released: October, 11th 2011

Since Radiohead’s celebrated 2011 album King of Limbs found the band venturing deeper into electronic-dappled topographies, it was inevitable for remixes to follow. Tkol Rmx 1234567 shuffles the original song sequence to flow under these infiltrated reworkings like an album unto itself. Caribou’s adaptation of “Little by Little” starts things with minimally funky rhythms, as light piano touches intertwine with Thom Yorke’s chopped-up and slightly panicked croon. Jacques Greene decided to leave most of Yorke’s original vocal take intact while the rest of “Lotus Flower” gets stripped down and rebuilt with lightly shuffling rhythms that unsuspectingly morph into a mellow groove trimmed in retro house trappings. From the five altered versions of “Bloom,” the Harmonic 313 remix stands out with percolating beats and vintage synthesizer drones that sound Stereolab-inspired before the Mark Pritchard remix injects gradually increasing rhythms, giving the tune a more urgent tension. Four Tet’s psychedelic-infused synth drones make the modified “Separator” another brilliant standout.

  1. Little By Little (Caribou Rmx) - 5:38
  2. Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene Rmx) - 7:09
  3. Morning Mr Magpie (Nathan Fake Rmx) - 4:52
  4. Bloom (Harmonic 313 Rmx) - 5:04
  5. Bloom (Mark Pritchard Rmx) - 6:05
  6. Feral (Lone Rmx) - 5:15
  7. Morning Mr Magpie (Pearson Sound Scavenger Rmx) - 4:36
  8. Separator (Four Tet Rmx) - 7:02
  9. Give Up the Ghost (Thriller Houseghost Rmx) - 6:11
  10. Codex (Illum Sphere Rmx) - 4:32
  11. Little By Little (Shed Rmx) - 4:47
  12. Give Up the Ghost (Brokenchord Rmx) - 5:03
  13. TKOL (Altrice Rmx) - 6:00
  14. Bloom (Blawan Rmx) - 7:27
  15. Good Evening Mrs Magpie (Modeselektor Rmx) - 7:42
  16. Bloom (Objekt Rmx) - 5:19
  17. Bloom (Jamie XX Rework) - 2:26
  18. Separator (Anstam Rmx) - 4:48
  19. Lotus Flower (SBTRKT Rmx) - 5:21

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